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Catherine, Tacoma


"Audrey's worth her weight in gold. I have mobility issues and when I downsized recently, I not only needed help organizing, but with unpacking and removing packing materials and items that needed to be stored or discarded. I don't know what I'd have done without her. One quality she has is that she doesn't judge, which is very important. You couldn't go wrong if you decide to hire Soundview Organizing."

Bob Lenz, University Place


"I was working on closing my business so I could retire and was feeling overwhelmed by the build up of clutter in my home. Audrey helped me through the process of downsizing and readying my home for sale. Working with her has given me more inspiration to get things done than I have had in years. I will be hiring her again to help me set things back up after I move."

Amy Curry, Maryland


"I have been a personal coaching client of Audrey's while I've been getting my business up and running. Her sessions have been a huge help. Audrey is magnificent at asking good questions and keeping me on-topic if I start to wander. She listens carefully as I share and she reflects back what she's heard and asks clarifying questions that help me get to the heart of the matter. She also guides me through the process of choosing action items that I want to work on for the week. If I don't complete them, she doesn't shame me about it - we just discuss what things may have distracted me or what circumstances shifted my needs around that item. Each week I look forward to sharing my successes, my failures, and everything in between - Audrey feels completely safe and judgment-free. This is exactly what I have needed during this phase of my life and I'm so grateful for her gentle, encouraging support. "


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