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Weather I am showing up as an Organizer or a Coach my intention is the same: helping you build a life you love. 


Working with a Coach creates a mindset that supports intentional change. Working with an Organizer is about creating a space that supports the life you are building. Both options, used separately or together help you move from stuck and uncertain to motivated and taking action.



  • Coaching Services (available anywhere the wind takes you)

  • Organizing Services with integrated Spot Coaching (Tacoma/Pierce County Only)

  • Alternating Organizing Sessions and Whole Session Coaching (Tacoma/Pierce County Only)

Continue reading below for descriptions of coaching, organizing, and options for combining both.


Ready to step into possibility?

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Why coaching?


I help clients create a life they love.


Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like life was meant to be more joyful? Do you have a vision of a life you long for but don't know where to start? Do you trust yourself? Would you like to? 

Coaching is all about shifting your mindset to better serve you. It’s a way of choosing the change you want in your life instead of waiting for life to happen to you.

How does it work / what does a session look like?


We partner together to co-create a space where you gain a deeper self-awareness and clarity. From here we explore your goals and perceived obstacles from a place of curiosity and possibility. We build on your strengths and find workarounds for your struggles. The rhythm of coaching creates a natural cycle of accountability. All of these tools combined provide you with the support and momentum you need to take actions that result in meaningful and lasting change.


 A few common coaching topics:

  • Life transitions

  • Finding a more positive outlook

  • Coming up with a plan for tackling a project

  • Help with chronic disorganization

  • Ways to work with your ADHD or other Executive Function challenges

  • Feelings of unworthiness

  • Habit Building

  • Boundaries

Getting Started: 

Free 30 minute phone or zoom consultation:

We discuss the change you are seeking and how coaching can help you get there. This also gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit. Coaching and creating new habits is a very personal process. 




  • Work on a small, well defined shift toward creating a life you love :

Package of four 60 minute sessions - $300.00

  • Navigate a larger shift with longer term support toward creating a life you love:            Package of eight 60 minute sessions for - $600                                                                      

  • Create HUGE change with four full months of support in creating a life you love:

Package of sixteen 60 minute Sessions for - $1200

Curious if Coaching is right for you?


If you the description above makes you curious, click below to take the coachability self test and schedule a free 30 minute consultation. 



Scroll down to learn about Organizing and combined Coaching & Organizing Packages 



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Organizing is about creating a space that serves your goals. When all of your things have a place to live, you save time, money and frustration.


In a typical organizing session we pick a space and talk through what is and isn’t working. This helps us identify your strengths. Next we sort and edit your items. Once we know what is staying we use the strengths we identified earlier to organize things in a way that works best for how your brain processes.

All of my organizing services include integrated spot coaching. During our first session this means we will use coaching to clarify your big picture goal - your "why" for choosing organizing at this moment. This allows me to bring you back to your larger goal whenever you are feeling stuck or uncertain. 

Often, the first thing people do when I arrive at their homes is to apologize for the mess. Please know that I bring no judgement to helping you create a more functional and relaxing space. Life throws a lot of curveballs. I am here to meet you where you are today.​

Services I provide:​

  • Clutter control

  • Reclaiming rooms that have become Catchalls

  • Storage solutions

  • Downsizing for a move

  • Help with chronic disorganization

  • Strategies for ADHD and other Executive Function challenges

  • Strategies for maintaining your newly organized space

  • Habit Building

Free 30 minute consultation:

We discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them. This also gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit. Sorting your possessions and creating new habits is a very personal process and it's important that you feel comfortable with me.


Organizing Sessions:      

Whether we are working on one room or your whole house the process is similar.


Each session includes:

  • Discussing your goals

  • Identifying the causes of the clutter so that we can make long term change

  • Me working with you to plan and organize your space

  • Integrated Coaching

  • Free donation hauling, up to one car load per session

Sessions may also include:


  • Introducing you to digital tools 

  • Creating a realistic maintenance plan

Hourly rate:


          $75.00 per hour 

I organize in 3-4 hour sessions. I have a 3 hour minimum so we have time to achieve a measurable difference in each session and by the end of four hours I find we are both ready for a rest.

Scroll down for combined Organizing & Coaching options

Coaching & Organizing

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Coaching & Organizing Packages (Creating a life you love with a space that supports it):

(Pricing details only, click Coaching or Organizing to learn the details of each service)


Work on a small, well defined shift in your life and your space:

  • Four 4 hour Organizing sessions

  • Four 1 hour Coaching Sessions                                                                                                                  

 This gives you a total of 20 supported & facilitated hours of creating a life you love and a space           that supports it - $1500.00

Navigate a larger shift in your life and your space with longer term support: 

  • Eight 4 hour Organizing sessions

  • Eight 1 hour Coaching Sessions

For a total of 40 supported & facilitated hours of creating a life you love and a space that      supports it - $3000.00