Coachability Self Test

Are you ready to step into possibility?

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Answer with a number 1 through 5, as follows:

1 = This statement is not true for me.

2 = This statement is not usually true for me.

3 = This statement is sometimes true for me.

4 = This statement is often true for me.

5 = This statement is almost always true for me.

1.   I recognize the value of coaching and see it as an investment in my own growth and happiness. 

2.   I am willing and able to pay for this, and to handle my coaching fees responsibly. 

3.   I can be relied upon to set up systems to be on time for coaching calls.

4.   I recognize that there is value in having a partner that holds a vision for me of my greatest potential and who is working to help me function to my best ability.

5.   I am eager to take the actions necessary to accomplish my dreams and change patterns that do not serve me.

6.   I know that my own answers are within me.  I believe that through guidance, feedback, and my own sense of right action I can discover those answers.

7.   I am willing to try on new perspectives that may be different from those I currently hold.

8.   I know that life and self-discovery can be fun and satisfying.  Self-awareness and fulfilling my life purpose are very important to me.

9.   If I feel I’m not getting what I expect or need from my coach, I will share this as soon as I can and make clear requests to my coach to get what I need.

0  -  22    Coaching is probably not appropriate for you at this time.


23 - 30    Coaching may be appropriate for you at this time. You may want to consider contacting me to discuss options.

30 - 40   Coaching would likely be very valuable for you at this time. You are willing to be open to trying on new ways of doing things.       


40 - 45   Coaching would likely be a pivotal piece of your life. You are willing to do what it takes to actualize and claim your life's purpose and who you truly are.         

Coachability Self Test