About Audrey

I crave the peace and ease that a well organized space provides. Throughout my previous career I specialized in improving efficiency and workflow for small businesses. Then I became a military spouse and a mom to a child with complex medical needs. I was humbled by how hard it became to keep my head above water. My previously independent life now took a team to carry out.  I had to reframe my priorities and learn new strategies in order to get more done with less time and energy. Living this experience created a passion in me for helping others who are looking for ways to make their daily lives more manageable.


I specialize in creating adaptive solutions tailored to your individual needs. Helping you create a calmer and more functional space brings me joy.


Some of the benefits people find after working with me are lower stress, having more time and energy to pursue goals and feeling more comfortable having company over.

Tacoma, Wa

2020 Audrey Hamel