About Audrey


Being a Professional Organizer feeds my soul. I love reducing stress in people's lives. I do this by helping them reduce clutter and by creating systems that help their home or office run more smoothly. After all, life is easier when you can find your keys.


Throughout my previous career I specialized in improving efficiency and workflow for small businesses. Then I became a military spouse and a mom to a child with complex medical needs. I was humbled by how hard it became to keep my head above water. My previously well organized life crumbled.  I had to reframe my priorities and learn new strategies in order to get more done with less time and energy. Living this experience created a passion in me for helping others who are looking for strategies to make their daily lives more manageable.


I specialize in creating adaptive solutions tailored to your individual needs. Reducing stress and maximizing free time are common results that clients notice after working with me.

Audrey has done an incredible job organizing my home. My kitchen, garage, my messy office, and laundry room have been organized perfectly. Audrey has a real eye for detail, which you would definitely need for her job. She is very easy to get along with. She has a wonderful personality which makes it so easy to work with her.

What was overwhelming for me, was not for her. Audrey would look at everything in the room, form a plan, then start placing my possessions where they should go. When she was done, everything was perfectly in its place. I no longer walk into my garage or kitchen and feel like I’ll never get everything put away.

Audrey also works with you to teach you how to keep everything organized the way it should be. If you want your home to be organized, Audrey is the one to call. You will not be disappointed.

Cindy Babare, Gig Harbor