About Audrey


When I started Soundview Organizing in 2019 I was in a space of reinvention after being a stay at home mom for 12 years. Becoming an Organizer combined the best of my professional skills with all the skills I had gained parenting a gifted, neurodiverse child with complex medical needs.


Before becoming a parent I spent my career in the administrative world across multiple industries. One thing that held true across all of my adventures was my passion for creative problem solving. Whether it was a temp job straight out of college or being an Executive Assistant for a non-profit, it was in my nature to help things run smoothly.


Parenting my daughter was an odyssey I could not have imagined. All of my admin skills were put to use managing her vast medical needs. Next came learning patience, constant research and becoming an advocate.  I was humbled by how hard it was just to keep my head above water. These experiences changed the way I saw the world. They helped me to understand that I truly never know what obstacles someone else is facing.


My daughter transitioned from homeschool to a classroom setting at 11 years old. A week later a friend asked for help with his home. I stepped in expecting to do some cleaning and came face to face with the lifelong effects of chronic disorganization. Not having any frame of reference for what I was seeing, I put on my research hat and began looking for information. We worked together weekly for nearly a year. I found I loved the blend of creative problem solving and working with someone to dismantle the limiting beliefs that were holding them back. Before long, I discovered the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, The National Association of Professional Organizers and a new career. 



Audrey has done an incredible job organizing my home. My kitchen, garage, my messy office, and laundry room have been organized perfectly. Audrey has a real eye for detail, which you would definitely need for her job. She is very easy to get along with. She has a wonderful personality which makes it so easy to work with her.

What was overwhelming for me, was not for her. Audrey would look at everything in the room, form a plan, then start placing my possessions where they should go. When she was done, everything was perfectly in its place. I no longer walk into my garage or kitchen and feel like I’ll never get everything put away.

Audrey also works with you to teach you how to keep everything organized the way it should be. If you want your home to be organized, Audrey is the one to call. You will not be disappointed.

Cindy Babare, Gig Harbor